Sausages, hammocks and good company

My dear old friend Dima joined me today to continue the Two Nights -challenge. We drove together to Nilsiä, near Tahko ski resort, and walked along a ski track to a goahti at Hiekkoniemi.

I was surprised by the modern facilities – we have our own privy here. We have been grilling some sausage and tasted some horribly bad curry chicken (pineapple, why on earth?!). In addition we tested if JetBoil was faster than Primus-stove. Both boiled 0,5 l (2 cups) water in 2,5 min. Also my new air mattress seems to insulate nicely. The temperature will stay in -1°C (30°F) through the whole night.

See Dima’s photos

Hyvä ystäväni Dima lähti seurakseni jatkamaan Two Nights -haasteen edistämistä. Ajoimme yhdessä Nilsiään, Tahkon lähelle, ja kävelimme hiihtoladun varrella olevalle Hiekkoniemen kodalle.

Yllätyin moderneista mukavuuksista, koska täällähän on jopa ulkohuussi. Olemme ehtineet jo paistaa makkaraa ja maistaa hirveän pahaa currykanaa (ananasta, miksi ihmeessä?!). Lisäksi vertasimme Primus-keittimen ja JetBoilin nopeutta – molemmat saivat puoli litraa vettä kiehumaan noin 2,5 minuutissa. Uuden retkipatjani lämmöneristysominaisuudet vaikuttavat myös toimivan hyvin. Lämpötila näyttäisi olevan koko yön -1°C.

Diman valokuvat

5 thoughts on “Sausages, hammocks and good company

    1. Hi Doug!

      Thanks for your comment! You are actually the very first one to comment in my blog.

      On this trip I was using an air mattress and a sleeping bag, but my friend Dima had this hammock that you can see on the photos. He just bought it, but I understood that he’s planning to use it outside huts too. I’ve read that hammocks are becoming more and more popular, since you don’t need to carry a mattress and you’re not effected by the cold ground. Dima said in the morning that he would like to have a sleeping bag that goes around the hammock. The body compresses the sleeping bag against the hammock and kills the insulation. So, for the (Finnish) winter use, a special hammock sleeping bag might be a good idea.

      Good luck with your attempt on the two night challenge! I’ll be checking out your blog too.

  1. Your friend what is known in America as Cold Butt Syndrome.

    The best solution is an “UnderQuilt” which you can get from a lot of American Cittage Manufacturers. My Favorite goose down option is and do a good value synthetic one.

    Any one starting out in a hammock should watch Shugemery on YouTube; search for his “Hammock How To” Series. He is especially interested in sleeping in the extreme cold; useful.

    I live in Australia so I have different problems; crocodiles and that sort of thing.

  2. […] to find a narrow dirt road leading to Kivelä goahti, that’s located on a snowmobile trail. Once again there was a shed full of firewood and a privy. I don’t know if all goahtis usually have […]

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