Tent, sweet tent

Today we put up the tent for the first time in this season with my friend Dima. We are staying in the forests of Kauhala, near Kirkkonummi. The reason to explore the woods in Southern Finland was to attend the traditional climbing course of Adventure Partners. Climbing starts early in the morning.

The tent was borrowed from Dima’s cousin (since we didn’t have large enough) and we put it up while ago. Now we are planning to have something to eat before going to sleep. The atmosphere as well as the actual temperature is pretty warm, 10°C (50°F).




Avasimme tänään telttailukauden Diman kanssa Kauhalan metsässä, Kirkkonummen lähellä. Etelä-Suomen puskiin meidät houkutteli Adventure Partnersin järjestämä kalliokiipeilyn jatkokurssi eli trädikiipeily, johon perehtyminen aloitetaan aamulla.

Iskimme äsken Diman serkulta lainatun teltan pystyyn ja nyt käymme iltapalan kimppuun. Niin tunnelma kuin ilmakin on lämmin, 10°C.

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